It's a good time over here.

Sunday Swagger welcomes our fun, stylish, and loyal supporters to be a part of the family. No matter where you are, find yourself right at home as part of our ambassador program.

Program Perks


Personalized Link to Give Out


Earn From Your Sales

Move up

Higher rewards for top earners

Get Seen

Exposure & Re-Posts

FAQs - Ambassador Program

Please allow us up to a week to review applicants.

When you're initially accepted to the ambassador program, you earn commission as store credit (15% of purchase value). Upon reaching 10 referrals sales and a minimum total referral value of $1,000 you'll be contacted to move into the next tier of our ambassador program where you can earn cash payouts.

Nope! We believe in engagement over following. If you want to rep us, we don't want to stop you in doing so.

You will receive an email upon acceptance with next steps, and then it's time to shine!

Nope! We love how many non-golfers we attract. Come one, come all.

Even better. Apply as one collective group to maximize efforts.