The Swagger Manifesto

"Empowering the individual to own it."


In a world where golf culture is shifting from bland to an outlet for self-expression…

The sport of golf has always been a “gentleman/woman’s game” and fashion in particular played along. Today in a world of individualism, social media and the need to not be a part of the herd has become a part of the human condition.

Tradition is still a key element of the game and is important to maintain what it stands for, but now there’s room to roam. Room to push the tried and true. Room to make golf a part of your day-to-day both on and off the course.

We are a lifestyle in every way. It’s casual and classy. Fun and determined. Creative and comfortable… and there’s nothing wrong with that.


Sunday Swagger exists to deliver a sense of confident style coupled with comfort and durability…

Swagger is what you make it and you’ve earned the right to go get it! The game is all about trusting yourself, your judgement, and your personality. It’s about creating a plan and strategy. It’s about confidence and charging life in general.

But it’s not all about how you look. It’s also about how you feel. Our lines are not just a pretty face. We use the best wicking fabrics and durable design elements that won’t falter when it matters most.


By creating our own wide range of unique designs to fit how you want to vibe...

We push the boundaries of what's already been done and are always seeking something new that embodies an original expression of confidence.

With Sunday Swagger there’s a little bit of us in every shirt, hat, and accessory, so you know you’re a part of a larger push towards individuality and self-expression.

Aside, we don’t sacrifice performance for personality. That matters.

The new classic. Own it.

Own your Swagger.


Paired with outstanding customer service, a price that makes sense, and an unmatched loyalty to and passion for our fans...

Yep, we’ve got fans that keep coming back for more. We rarely get returns but when we do, we make it right and ensure you keep your swagger game tight.

Also, we’re reasonably priced because we’re a down home operation that works directly with our manufacturing partners so we can pass along the savings to you without sacrificing quality. We think our materials and durability are actually better than than the rest without passing those overhead costs along.

Our customers keep coming back and we honor your loyalty by providing perks that keep you wanting more. Let’s do this.