The Search Stops Here: Sunday Swagger has the best women's golf clothes

3 women wearing Sunday Swagger sleeveless golf polos

Sunday Swagger undeniably makes the best golf clothes for women. With so many options out there it can make the search daunting to find a golf outfit you love and fits comfortably. Sunday Swagger transcends the women’s golf clothing space with attire that is not only stylish with unique prints that have never been seen before, but is also designed to be functional and comfortable in regards to the women’s figure.

Let’s talk fit & cut of women’s golf polos…

The women’s golf polos are offered in two different cuts, sleeved and unsleeved, both being designed to help the player perform her best on the course. It all comes down to material. The buttery 4-way stretch fabric allows for max flexibility while you’re swinging. Another benefit of the stretch material that is important for the girls is the fabric leaves room…for the girls - if you catch my drift. No gapping around the chest and armpits here ladies!

The women’s performance polos have moisture wicking technology that keep the polos breathable therefore, keeping you comfortable no matter what temperature it gets. And - don’t worry, with UPF 40 Sunday Swagger’s polos protect your body from the sun’s blaring rays on those hot summer golf days so you never have an excuse to not get a round in.

Golf is a sport that requires both skill and style.

While the game itself is important, the attire worn by women is significant for a number of reasons. For all golfers, a polo is an essential part of the golf outfit. The functionality is vital in allowing for full range of motion while bombing the driver and comfortability is a must to survive four or so hours of play. However, for women, it is important to have flattering golf clothes that enhance her confidence on the course. With the amount of physical and mental focus required to shoot low in a game of golf, the last thing a woman wants to worry about is having clothing that’s not fit to her figure. Confidence is vital in order to play well on the golf course, so having an outfit that is stylish and fun can not only make the game more enjoyable, but may actually even improve your game. 

You know what they say: Look good, feel good, play good.


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Why Sunday Swagger’s women’s golf apparel is special

Here at Sunday Swagger we pride ourselves on making women’s polos that stand out from the rest. This is obviously not just in regards to their performance on the course either. Our designs and colors are bold and vibrant which immediately brings a sense of fun to anyone who puts on a Sunday Swagger golf outfit. With twenty-one different women’s polo patterns, there is something for everyone.
If you like to keep things simple, Sunset, Midnight, and Bloom may be perfect choices for you, but if you are looking for something that’s gonna be turning people’s heads, Lolla, Maldives, or Island Time might be the polos for you.

If you don’t put yourself in either of those categories, we have new designs drop seasonally and sporadically every year, so there will always be a Sunday Swagger polo that you will love. 

Let’s not forget the matching His/Hers polos either. Eleven of our prints are offered in both men’s and women’s polos because what’s not fun about matching with your significant other or friend?

How to style women’s golf polos

The golf outfit does not stop at  the polos and neither does Sunday Swagger. Golf hats are vital on sunny golf days to protect your face and help you see the golf ball by blocking the sun from blinding you. All thirty-four of Sunday Swagger’s hats are great additions to any golf outfit with their microfiber active performance fabric that is moisture wicking and breathable for all day comfort. With a variety of colors you can mix and match our hats with our golf polos and never run out of new outfits. Also, not everyday is going to be a hot sunny day on the golf course and Sunday Swagger’s quarter zips are the perfect lightweight jacket to warm you up while still being functional. The Splatter, Camo, and Pink Performance Hoodie are all great options for women looking for comfortable outerwear to bring to the course.

With Sunday Swagger transcending the golf space with our vibrant prints, you may be wondering how to style them and still look professional and put together on the golf course. What makes Sunday Swagger’s golf attire the best is you are not limited to boring outfits. Sure, a classic black or white skirt or pants will always go great with any of our polos, outerwear, and hats but here you are not forced to stick with the basics.

Don’t be afraid to play with colors!

Put on a pink skirt or blue pants - let the colors shine. Keep your outfit new and exciting with colorful accessories, such as a fun colored sock, one of our hats, or a bold belt. To finish it off, any neutral shoe would go with any outfit, but at Sunday Swagger we’re a little crazy, so we say never shy away from a colored shoe if that’s your thing! At the end of the day, no matter how bold or colorful you may want your outfit may be, as long as it’s comfortable, temperature regulating, and allows for a full range of motion while playing, you really can’t go wrong. Styling  a Sunday Swagger outfit is about playing around and expressing yourself!

Your golf clothing is an extension of your personal brand and choosing the right sportswear can help all female golfers perform confidently while also being themselves with their unique style.

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