What to Pack on Vacation: Your Sunday Swagger Packing List for Traveling Around the World


Men's travel packing list

You’re already in the vacation mood, so why worry about ironing your clothes? Below is a packing list with our Sunday Swagger polos and some accessories, to make your traveling even easier.

There’s no better way to pack light than with our polos. Each shirt will fold or roll up to fit tightly in your suitcase. We’ve created a guide to styling each polo below.

What to packing for Hawaii vacation
First stop, Hawaii.

When you are packing for Hawaii, you definitely want to pack comfortable clothing. It’s hot, humid, and you’re going to benefit from a moisture-wicking polo that doesn’t wrinkle in your suitcase.

Cove - Pairs well with khaki or black shorts. We recommend purchasing hybrid shorts that are great for everyday wear, but that can also get wet! A swimsuit/short in-one. If you love color, feel free to grab a bathing suit that matches the blue or pink on the shirt. Go bold!  Grab some sandals and get ready to go lounge at the beach with a cocktail.

Malibu - Malibu is the perfect date night shirt. It’s chic and comfortable. You can pair it with some nice black pants to feel a little more dressed up for dinner at your resort. Grab some sunglasses to keep on your head for the “put together” surfer look. Some white sneakers, or comfy sandals would be a perfect pairing to complete this look.

Palmera - Going golfing in Hawaii? Palmera will have you feeling like the tropical ocean breeze. From course to coast, Palmera is your go-to. Grab a pair of khaki or black shorts, a Swagger Snapback Hat in black and you’re all set to play. Some courses let you play barefoot if you’re right by the water, but we’d recommend packing your golf shoes, just in case!

Tiki Bar - Headed to a Luau? Tiki Bar will be the talk of the night. Grab a cocktail, sit back and relax in this polo and a pair of khaki or black pants. Cool and casual vibes are where it's at with Tiki Bar.

The “Tropical Traveler” List: 

  • 5 Polos - Cove, Malibu, Manta, Palmera, Tiki Bar 
  • 1 Hat - Swagger Snapback in black 
  • 2+ pairs of shoes -  Flip Flops and tennis shoes (+ would be your golf shoes)
  • 2 pairs of shorts (1 hybrid)  - Khaki shorts and black hybrid bathing suit 
  • 2 pairs of pants - Khaki and black 
  • 1 bathing suit - Neon blue (to match Cove)
  • 1 pair of sunglasses

*Don’t forget some underwear on any of these packing lists. Been there.

Italy packing guide for men

Whether you're planning to travel to Italy’s historical sites or beautiful beaches, this list has everything you need to pack light and be prepared for the weather. We’ve included a variety of polo options as well as a lightweight, water resistant jacket to keep you warm and dry in case there is any rain.

Euphoria - We recommend visiting the Flower fields of Castelluccio in Umbria when you wear this polo. As you walk around in the sun all day, you’ll definitely enjoy the breathability of this polo.  We recommend pairing this with some dark gray shorts, sunglasses, and a pair of white sneakers. 

Manta - This is a great exploration shirt. Riding a bike and going sightseeing? Manta will keep you feeling cool and protected from the sun as you get active! Pair it with a pair of black shorts to keep it feeling fresh. Sandals or shoes will pair well with this polo, it just depends on what you will be doing during your adventures!

Geo - Traveling to a winery or boating through the Amalfi Coast? Geo is masculine and simple. You will feel sophisticated, but also super comfortable all day walking around the vineyards, or soaking up the sun watching a beautiful sunset on the coast. Grab a pair of navy blue shorts, classy sunglasses, a cool leather watch, some flip flops and you’re all set!

Reboot - Be a tourist for the day and visit the Colosseum in Reboot. This polo is a fun representation of innovation and technological advancement. What’s a better way to contrast the future then with the historical monuments in Italy? Black or gray pants will pair well with this polo.

Swagger Jacket - gray - Sometimes it gets chilly in Italy and we want you to be prepared. This gray jacket will go with each polo we have listed for your Italy packing list. Don’t forget that this jacket is water resistant, so whether you are boating, or dancing in the rain, you will stay dry!  

The “Packing Light” List: 

  • 4 Polos - Euphoria, Geo, Reboot, & Manta
  • 1 Jacket -  Swagger Jacket in Gray
  • 2 pairs of shoes -  Flip Flops and sneakers
  • 2 pairs of shorts - Dark gray and navy shorts
  • 2 pairs of pants - Gray and black 
  • 1 pair of sunglasses 
  • 1 watch
What to pack for Canadian vacation


Canada can get pretty hot during the summer months so these breathable polos are perfect to keep you comfortable during your exploring. Depending on when you travel to Canada, nighttime can get a little chilly, so we’ve added a comfy crew neck and quarter zip to keep you warm, just in case.

Hang Loose Crewneck - This crewneck is perfect for a flight or a chilly hotel room. We’ve worn them everywhere from sleeping, to scenic train rides in the Canadian mountains. It’s easy to throw in a hiking backpack and comfortably ties around your waist.

Camo Quarterzip - Aqua - Similar to the crewneck, you can wear this quarter zip, just about anywhere. It’s lightweight and pairs well with sweats, pants, or jeans. It is super lightweight and packs well in a suitcase. 

Midnight - Going on a nice date in Toronto? Midnight is your go-to polo to feel sophisticated, but also low-key. We recommend exploring Kensington Market, a foodie-hub downtown with the love of your life. This is a great date night polo because it is effortless and is easily dressed up or down. For fancier restaurants dress it up with a nice pair of black pants, sleek white or black sneakers, and a snazzy watch. To keep it simple, grab a pair of black shorts and flip flops. 

Phantom - Going on a hike or fishing in the Canadian wilderness? Phantom is extremely comfortable and will keep the moisture off as you traverse the great outdoors. Black shorts or pants would compliment this polo very well.

Aurora - We recommend traveling to Aurora Village in the Northwest Territories to experience the northern lights. It’s considered the best place in the world to see the northern lights. Grab Aurora, a northern lights inspired polo and enjoy the spectacular experience. Black pants are a great pair with this polo.

The “Canadian Connoisseur” List: 

  • 3 Polos - Midnight, Phantom, Aurora
  • 1 Quarter zip - Aqua Camo 
  • 1 Crewneck - Black 
  • 2 pairs of shoes -  Flip flops and sneakers (black or white)
  • 1 pairs of shorts - Black shorts
  • 2 pairs of pants - Black and jeans  
  • 1 watch 
What to pack for Cabo San Lucas, Mexico vacation


San Lucas - What better way to dress up in paradise than the polo inspired by Cabo? San Lucas was designed to feature the vibrant energy of this Mexican paradise. We recommend pairing this polo with a black bathing suit or khaki shorts. Get ready to enjoy the sun and jump into the warm tropical water on your dream vacation.

Congo - Dancing the night away? Congo is your go-to for heading to the bars, going out with friends, and enjoying the nightlife in Cabo. Whether you are sitting with a drink or dancing in the conga line, you can enjoy the weather in this lightweight polo. Congo pairs well with black and khaki shorts, or a black bathing suit!

Tropicana - Grab a pair of khaki golf shorts, throw on your Tropicana snapback hat and head out to the course. What’s a vacation without some beachside golf? Tropicana is your go-to for on and off the course. 

The “Paradise Partier” List: 

  • 3 Polos - San Lucas, Congo, Tropicana
  • 2 pairs of shoes -  Flip Flops and golf shoes
  • 2 pairs of shorts - Black and khaki shorts
  • 1 bathing suit - black 
  • 1 hat - Flexfit Snapback Hat - Tropicana  

No matter where you are traveling to, we’ve got you covered! Safe travels!


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